Frontend Development

What is front-end development?

The front end of a website is everything you see and can interact with through a browser. Front-end development is the process of generating this visual component. Designers who create user interfaces and plan experiences may even be considered front-end developers because they collaborate on the same section of the project. Engineers utilize a combination of HTML (for fundamental page structure and content), CSS (for visual modification), and JavaScript to develop the front end (for making websites interactive).

The same set of tools is used to construct progressive web applications, which are mobile apps that appear and feel like native apps but are built using front-end technology.

The back end, on the other hand, is everything that happens, well, backstage. It houses the servers that host your online pages as well as the underlying logic that regulates the website's functionalities and procedures. If you want to learn more about how web apps function, we offer a detailed overview.

The back end is constructed with a variety of technologies, including Java, PHP, Ruby, C#, and occasionally JavaScript, as explained in a separate section.

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