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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Gaining Popularity In The Workplace

According to a recent study of 100 senior executives. 99 percent of senior executives aim to invest heavily in Artificial Intelligence this year. The majority (83 percent) stating they will spend more than $500,000. 10% of those surveyed expect to spend more than $50 million.

“There has been a shift in attitude towards Artificial Intelligence and its applications over the last year,” said Martin Rand, CEO of Pactum, in a statement. To assist them in better their operations, many businesses throughout the world have turned to technology. It’s encouraging to witness such a constructive shift in attitudes regarding AI in the workplace, and to see how businesses can win by integrating the right technology with the right people.”

While there is a lot of excitement about Artificial Intelligence. Other research indicates that customer leaders need to learn more about how it works, how to apply it in their businesses, and what it takes to make it succeed. According to a recent report, successful company leaders should seek out projects that gradually grow AI capabilities and expertise.

Jobs using artificial intelligence are likewise in high demand. discovered that Artificial Intelligence is good at creating high-paid jobs. The majority paying above six figures per year, based on a search of open vacancies. Data scientists, software engineers, developers, and software architects are among them.

While the majority of senior executives are in favor of AI, there are some reservations

  • Many respondents (57%) believe AI presents a threat and that it will eventually take over jobs.
  • More than half of those polled (52%) believe AI is too new to be trusted

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