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Carbon Capture Technology

Climeworks is a Swiss company that specializes in carbon capture technology. CO2 is taken from the atmosphere in Hellisheii, Iceland, using direct air capture equipment. After a mineralization process, the CO2 is mixed with water and pumped underground, where it is permanently stored.

Microsoft authorized Climeworks this week to give solutions to the tech giant’s overarching sustainability objective.

Microsoft announced its carbon-negative pledge in January 2020, promising to cut emissions by more than half across its entire business and supply chain by 2030 while investing to remove more carbon than it emits yearly. Since 2012, Microsoft has been offsetting its emissions in order to achieve net-zero emissions, and the company claims that the new goal demonstrates its opinion that this method is to address the climate crisis, it is no longer valid.

“It’s a game-changer to be a member of Microsoft’s carbon dioxide removal portfolio. Microsoft’s policy not only reduces their own emissions. However, it is encouraging other businesses to invest in science-based, scalable solutions that can make a difference.

 A significant difference in the fight against climate change — like Climeworks’ carbon capture technology,” said Christoph Gebald, co-founder of Climeworks., situated in Finland, was chosen alongside Climeworks as the world’s first voluntary market for certified carbon capture technology. aims to build a $300 billion carbon removal business by 2050, removing 10 gigatonnes of carbon yearly.

The three initiatives, from suppliers Carbofex, ECHO2, and Carbon Cycle, use biochar to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in soil for hundreds of years.

“We are honored to assist Microsoft in meeting their goal of becoming carbon negative by 2030. “Our objective is to mobilize cash that helps suppliers expedite the development of carbon removal technology, and with a high-profile firm,” co-founder Antti Vihavainen remarked like Carbon removal scale is taking off, with Microsoft investing in the potential of industrial carbon removal to affect the environment.”

Given the ongoing controversy regarding carbon offsetting and insetting projects, Microsoft has pledged to have all projects “rigorously assessed and verified” by third parties such as advisory firm Carbon Direct and non-profit Winrock International.

Climeworks is one of the Coalition for Negative Emissions’ corporate members. Which has written Chancellor Rishi Sunak a letter urging him to introduce policies. That will support some of the most polluting businesses, carbon capture technology is required to offer negative emissions scenarios.

To satisfy the Paris Agreement, scientists estimate that up to 10 billion tonnes of CO2 will need to be eliminated each year by the middle of the century. A combination of natural and technological climate solutions can be used to achieve this.

Sustainability report

Microsoft’s first standalone sustainability report was released two days before the announcement.

According to the report, Microsoft fulfilled and exceeded a goal of removing one million metric tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere by October 2020. In fact, during the fiscal year 2020, Microsoft cut emissions by about 600,000 tonnes across all scopes.

Microsoft has extended an internal carbon charge to cover Scope 3 emissions. As well as modifying a supplier code of conduct to compel disclosure on emissions, according to the study. Which analyses progress toward its long-term carbon goals.

In addition, the report mentions that $50 million was invested in “Energy Impact Partners”. That a sustainability calculator was developed to provide customers with statistics on emissions.

“The direct air carbon capture technology was developed by Climateworks will be a critical component of our carbon reduction goals. Microsoft’s carbon program manager Elizabeth Willmott said, “Their application set a high bar for technical rigor – specifically the permanence of their solution. We are looking forward to helping them extend their work even further with this purchase.”

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