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Digital Marketing

Online business, Digital Marketing, Internet business whatever you call it the same thing, In this article, we will look into digital marketing.

In a simple way, digital marketing is like another type of marketing is to connect people to your potential customers,

So the question is how do I connect with those customers. We will connect online (Internet) and that’s the big difference between digital marketing and offline marketing. The great example is to refer to someone online to marketing assets through advertisement bring people into your company and convince them to buy.

Type of Digital Marketing

  • Display advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Virtual events & Webinars
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Pay-per-click

These are the type of Digital Marketing strategies, these the platforms for digital marketing. These days many people do online shopping instead of going and wasting time to market, it saves time, energy and time.

1. Display Advertising

Display advertising

The website you serve and you see the banner on the website left or right corner or bottom. Somewhere in a place that’s the display advertising. It could be in image, audio, video and in-text shape that shows ads on desired websites, the publisher puts those ads on a blog or website.

2.Email Marketing

email marketing

Email Marketing is to send a commercial message to a group of people and that message is covered in an email. You will send an email to potential customers to offer a product, promotion, or donation as per the advertiser. What he wants to sell, or will be considered as an email Marketing.

3. Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the business process of distributing and creating the same value of the content for attracting and engaging defined. And understood targeted visitors or viewers with the main goal of driving profitable customer needs.

4. Social Media

Social Media icons

Social media is the key to sharing ideas, information, and thought through the internet-based virtual network and gives users electronic communication of content. In this content personal information, videos, photos, documentation, etc to engage the users.

Social media surf on computers, tablets, smartphones via web-based software and web applications. It’s utilising for messaging, nowadays America and Europe are first in social media but also India and china counting in the top list.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing commission-based system. Which an affiliate earns a commission from the company or another person’s products, from each sale they make they earn a profit. It has a tracking affiliate link from one website to another.

Whether the consumer knows it or not, they are the driver of affiliate marketing. When the customer or consumer buys the product the advertiser(seller) and the publisher(affiliates) share the profit.

Affiliates post on social media, websites, blogs this product, so in this way affiliates promote the product and consumers buy it.

6. SEO (Search engine Optimisation)

SEO (Search engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation is the key to discovering website blog or video or articles over the internet. When we type something in a search bar according to our search. Internet give us suggestions and browsers show us many websites link and videos.

The term SEO also describes the method of creating web pages easier for search engine indexing software to search out and index your site.

About SEO there are many questions that come up from newcomers,

Like how do you optimize your site or company site to discover on the first page?

How much time should give to SEO?

The main part of site improvement is the way you can really use SEO. SEO to help drive more important traffic, leads, and deals for your business.

7. Virtual events & Webinars

Virtual events & Webinars

Virtual events are online events; they’re highly interactive. Where people come and learn new skills and be entertained over the internet.

People are connected through live streaming of their favorite music, sports, games, and news.

People are registering for a webinar to hear from those online instructors or entertainers. They attend the virtual class for fitness, whatever you search for there is an instructor or entertainer will be available any time.

8. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are B2B advertising giving you a chance to connect with the audience, maybe that audience sees your ad on Facebook.

LinkedIn is not only for B2B advertising companies. It’s also B2C companies, universities, nonprofits, and other organisations also used for specific purposes for success.

If you are looking for someone that specializes in a specific job LinkedIn is the place for you. You will find professional and experienced people on LinkedIn who share their profile on LinkedIn.

9. Pay-Per-Click


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is internet marketing, advertisers pay a fee to the publisher. When their ad is clicked by the consumer. Consumers click on that showing ad so it redirects to advertisers’ sites to buy products.

Advertisers actually buying visitors to sites rather than organic traffic. Search engine allows advertisers to bid on ads that search Engine sponsors links. When consumers search for keywords then search Engine will show that links to consumers for visiting sites.

If you want to search Engine work properly then we have to pay a small fee. Because that small fee brings us big valuables visitors to site so they may be making some purchases. Let say we pay 5$ for ad advertisement and some visitors make purchase 350$ that’s it, we did a big profit on 5$ investment.

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