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Grow Your Business with Video Marketing

Video marketing is a more modern form of marketing used by organizations to promote their brands, sell products and services. They are brief videos, 1-5 minutes, created and shared on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc, to reap exposure.

It’s not a secret that a large number of audiences nowadays prefer video content more than static content. Thus, video advertising will assist you to increase the weightage of your campaign. These can incorporate any likes of reviews, explainer, training, amusement, how-to recordings, and much more.

I’ve taken the liberty to list a few stats regarding video marketing to help you gain a better insight into its significance and position in the industry:

1. By 2019, over 80% of internet traffic is projected to be claimed through videos.

2. There was a 49% growth in income seen in brands that used video marketing as opposed to those brands that didn’t.

3. Social videos generate up to 1200% more shares in contrast to pictures and text combined.

4. Using the term ‘video’ in an email subject line increases open rates by 19% and boosts in CTR are up to 65%.

5. Up to 4 times as many clients would select to watch a product video over reading a product description.

6. An common user is said to spend 88% more time on a website with video.

7. 97% of entrepreneurs believe that videos help their customers understand products better.

Now let’s study why you need to start video marketing to grow your business.

1. Instils an experience of trust

Instils an experience of trust

Videos act as a pillar for your product and make it unique. Using videos will assist your client gain a clearer image of your product and help gain their trust. A video that consists of testimonials or features the founder and/or team of your organization could be the reason a customer chooses to engage with you.

2. Boosts SEO

boost seo

After Google, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and since it is owned by Google, YouTube videos that are linked and shared on websites and social media drive up search results of the website. Good content material attracts people, which in turn increases their time on the website.

3. Boost Conversions and Sales

boost conversions and sales

A strong video can lead without delay to sales. Research shows that over 74% of users who watch a product description video, end up buying it. Therefore, video quality can have a direct effect on your sales.

4. Appeals to Mobile Users

mobile users

In this fast-moving world that we live in, grabbing the attention of your customers for a long is often a very challenging task. And this problem only increases even more in the case of a mobile phone viewer.

Videos and mobiles are cohesive. Around 90% of clients watch videos on their phones. In today’s digital age, smartphone users develop exponentially, as a result boosting your video target audience as well.

5. Provides the Best Explanation

better communication

Videos can provide consumers with in-depth explanations of organizations and their products. Short, explainer video recordings have a huge conversion rate when contrasted with exclusively item information. 

6. Boosts Social Media Reach

social media reach

Social media platforms show videos as a lot as we like seeing them. Algorithms are developed to push content more. The audience will in general share more videos when contrasted with static posts. One must make videos for social media which are either entertaining, informative or emotionally linked with the audience. Only then would it be shared among businesses and different audiences. 


Internet users are usually willing to take the initiative to spread classic, interesting, and light-hearted videos, and by spontaneously spreading the company’s brand message through the audience, the videos will spread like a virus on the internet. The key to digital marketing is to have the right and precious video content and then find vulnerable people or opinion leaders to help spread the message.

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