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Looking to optimize your social media marketing activities by using the potential of influencer marketing?

Influencer collaborations can have a significant effect on marketing results, especially on more artistic, visual outlets, so learning the inside and outs of each network, as well as what can resonate with audiences, is what these influencers focus on every day.

The right partnership could give your brand a big boost, and Instagram recently shared some tips to help you get started with influencer marketing.

Tribe, an online platform for curated content founded by Jules Lund, aims to associate marketers with the right influencers for their social efforts. The tribe has helped brands in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia create over one million pieces of branded content through 10,000 promotions.

Lund gives three main takeaways for the influencer marketing strategy based on his analysis.

1. Leverage Customer Creativity

Brands should look to incorporate user-generated content (UGC) and influencer content into their marketing, according to Lund, to increase loyalty and brand resonance. Giving people a prompt to work with can be all it takes to get strong, useful branded content for your promotional activities, especially with so many people already posting content online.

According to Lund:

“Because how better to produce content that consumers enjoy than customers themselves, this content is genuine, from real people, and it works.”

2. Discover and share the stories of satisfied customers.

Brands should also honor their happy customers, according to Lund, by using their stories to help engage with and talk about their business.

Brands, according to Lund, should collect these stories and then pay to have them turned into advertisements.

“That’s a story I’d gladly pay to hear. So I’d convert their content into a social ad from a brand account, then convert it into a branded content ad from the creator’s account, and compare the two. Limited numbers would be used to measure and learn from various audiences, formats, and goals, and after champions were identified, the others would be cut and supercharged.”

Experimenting with brand marketing in this manner will help you figure out the right path ahead with your campaign, and leveraging real people’s experiences can help you improve the brand’s social media visibility.

3. Make use of branded content advertisements

To optimize the more intimate, connective messaging, Lund recommends using Facebook’s branded content advertising.

Since it incorporates the increased popularity of influencer posts with the platform’s ad targeting software, giving you the quality of those more intimate tweets with the emphasis on advertising. Lund believes that “Facebook and Instagram branded content ads are potentially the most powerful ad format we’ve seen.”

You should also use a CTA in these posts to make them more sensitive, giving you the additional authenticity of a message coming from an individual rather than a brand handle, as well as the ability to target the most receptive audiences.

These are some excellent notes, and given Tribe’s experiences, Lund’s advice is backed up by several promotions and experiences, lending credence to his suggestions.

It’s something to think about in your digital marketing strategy.

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