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The PSTN is a system that allows us to contact people all over the world by dialing a series of numbers. VoIP offers an alternative by routing digitized voice signals over IP networks. 

VoIP isn’t particularly new technology because there is VoIP software available as early as 1991. Once you understand how VoIP works, you can easily use the technology to your company’s advantage.

Enter Aavaz 

Aavaz is a leading contact center solution provider

Avaaz’s Free PBX initiative aims to assist small and medium-sized businesses to reach their full potential by making every business in the world more technologically advanced. 

Aavaz is a leading contact center solution provider. That offers a variety of products and services to meet your current calling and other customer touchpoint needs, as well as upgrade paths to meet your future needs.

Aavaz’s strength lies in its adaptability, which ranges from an on-premise solution to a completely distributed workforce, from a single agent to thousands of calls per hour. There’s an Aavaz waiting for you.

Now let us look at some of Aavaz’s solutions that your business needs to grow.


How VoIP works

VoIP is software that has been available since the 90s. Once you understand how VoIP works, you can easily use the technology to your company’s advantage. 

To make phone calls, a VoIP phone system uses your internet access. VoIP converts voice into digital data and sends it through the internet via a router. It is a lot cheaper than using normal phone lines while making calls. Depending on your setup, you might not have to pay for your calls based on distance, country, or duration.

Types of VoIP phones:

  • Desktop VoIP Phone
  • USB Phones
  • Wireless IP Phones
  • Softphones
  • Video Phones
  • Conference Phones

Key benefits:

  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Increased productivity. Users can attach documents, hold virtual meetings, and share data via video conferencing with the right system.
  • User friendly

IP Phone

How IP Phone works

IP phone is a term that refers to technologies that use a variety of protocols to send voice, fax, and other data over the public switched telephone network (PSTN) in a series of packets over the internet and avoid PSTN tolls.

Key benefits:

  • With an IP phone, you only pay for the internet fees.
  • Scalability. All the call routings are done in the cloud.
  • Only reliant on one thing: an internet connection.


Basic IP-PBX setup

A PBX allows a company to run its own phone system. Voicemail, auto attendants, and recorded messages can all be managed with the best PBX systems. 

Types of PBX systems:

  • Digital PBX System (includes digital answering assistants, voicemail, and the call-forwarding feature)
  • VoIP PBX System (includes call stability, a better sound quality, voicemail to email, mobility integration)
  • Hybrid Phone System. Uses both digital PBX and VoIP technology (support SIP trunk and have excellent voice quality)
  • Cloud-Based PBX System (cost-effective, easier to manage, flexible, and scalable)

Key benefits:

  • Manage and complete calls on a specific, pre-programmed schedule.
  • Transfer calls between users and departments with ease.
  • Connect multiple office locations with the same phone system so employees can connect with each other.

Call center solutions

Call center solutions

Call center solutions are CRM products and services that address a specific need. They can be a turnkey solution, such as an outsource call center, or a full package, such as merge communications. A call center solution would also include software that runs a complete call center system.

Types of call center solutions:

  • Inbound Call center
  • Outbound Call Center
  • Blended Call Center
  • Virtual Call Center
  • Offshore Call Center
  • Web-Enabled Call Center
  • Contact Center

Key benefits:

  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced reporting metrics (analyze call volume, case times, revenue per call)

Aavaz’s FreePBX System is completely free of cost and easy to install and use. This is the one-stop solution your business needs, so contact Aavaz PBX now and watch your business grow!

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