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New Charging Technology in Infinix Phone Mysterious Feature

Infinix has been developing more creative products in recent years, with a clear trend of continuous progress and dedication to pushing industry standards in both design and technology to empower today’s youth with next-generation mobile devices. It was revealed on April Fool’s Day that Infinix was developing a mysterious new 150W charging technology for a future handset.

While it was first regarded as a prank because the message was published on April Fool’s Day, it turns out it wasn’t a joke at all and was simply a preview of upcoming 160W charging technology. A hint of a new mystery Infinix phone supporting 160W Ultra-Fast Charge was just leaked on XDA.

Given Infinix’s history of developing incredible smartphones that consistently surpass their customers’ expectations, the thought of a next-generation phone from Infinix displaying incredible new charging technology developments like 160W sets the scene for much more to come.

Seeing charging technology like this on an Infinix device is quite exciting since Infinix has always placed a strong emphasis on emerging markets. Infinix has always known precisely what its local clients want and need, and a new phone would be a terrific opportunity for them to demonstrate their dedication to pushing the technical envelope.

In reality, 160W charging is a highly complex technological procedure. For starters, current charging speeds in 6C cell batteries are significantly below 160W, hovering around 125W, and the leading fast charging technology was just released by another business with a monstrous 10C cell 200W charging system. Infinix is in a great position, standing shoulder to shoulder with the industry’s top leaders thanks to its 160W charging.

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