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PUBG Mobile Season 18

PUBG Mobile Season 18 will introduce many new weapons or armaments as well. The introduction of a sticky bomb is to look for users who can explode a wall with the assist of this new sticky bomb. The gamers can use these areas as hideouts. There will be Panzerfaust, a new firearm. That is utilized in pointing rockets and can damage objects. There is a Sniper Rifle, Mosin Nagant.

PUBG is a modern title in the gaming industry. The game has a unique place in the Battle Royale genre and millions of followers are waiting for it to relaunch in India. Here’s the latest data from the gaming company. The PUBG Corp is launch season 18 by the end of March.

PUBG is currently running season 17 which delivers special features such as runic power. Which the gamers can use in combating the enemies. PUBG Mobile Season 18 will convey many features which include a brand new vehicle, new weapons, and a Karakin map.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 will contains all the features from the beta version 1.3.0. There will be a Karakin map available to the players. Karakin becomes the sixth map in the records of gameplay. The first map was Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok was the 2nd and third map. Vikendi and Livik were fourth and fifth maps in the game. The Karakin map relies on the North African coast and features a place of 2 sq. km.

It is usual that PUBG Mobile will launch after March 21. The government had banned the multiplayer action mobile game PUBG on September 2, 2020. It has been left from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store in India following the guidelines from the Indian government. 

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