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In the modern-day era, the trend of social media app is growing very rapidly. However, questions have arisen about all matters including privacy. WhatsApp has been in the news for some time over some privacy issues. During this time, a new Indian app Sandes is being launched to compete with WhatsApp. This is an indigenous immediate messaging app. However, this app is going to be launched by the government quickly for common users.

At the current time, only some government officers are using the Sandes app. The Center has been suggested working on an app like WhatsApp last year. The Indian government is also being stated that the app has been prepared. It has now been allowed to be used by government officers. It is being stated in many reports that the Sandes app is presently in the testing phase.

The Sandes message app’s logo is present on the website of You can see Ashoka Chakra in this app. In which 3 layers have been given, which structure a tricolor after joining. Soon the public can be allowed to use this mobile app from the government. There have been many questions bobbing up related to data theft, in this case, this app will truly curb these things to some extent.

The government can bring the Sandes app for both the Android and iPhone platforms which have the feature of chatting and voice calling. It is being managed by the National Informatics Center. The cause for the messaging app being on the trial stage right now, if everything goes well, then the government is going to announce that it will be launched in the market of the common consumer.

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