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Even if you aren’t the most tech-savvy guy. You most likely already use technology to make your life simpler, from your smartphone to a digital calendar to keep track of appointments. Staying on top of multiple tasks has never been simpler thanks to modern technologies.

Here are few tips to get you started on automating important home maintenance if you’re interested in learning more ways to make your busy life a little less difficult.

1. Make use of subscription-based utilities.

See if your favorite vendor now provides a delivery package for HVAC filters, batteries, or other items you need for your home maintenance on a daily basis. You can choose how much you want the goods shipped, and most services will let you change the frequency over time.

There’s also a perk: most retailers offer discounts to customers who sign up for a subscription plan.

2. Track appliances like your water softener with a mobile app.

How do you remember when it’s an opportunity to actually soften the water softener? Most people don’t consider that until their plates are stained or their washing is hard and scratchy. Then all of a sudden, you’re planning a special trip to pick up some salt.

With the Connected Salt Level Sensor and the Pentair Home app, those last-minute trips to the store for salt are a thing of the past. A basic Wi-Fi-enabled gadget conveniently clips into the brine tank of your softener and tracks your salt level. If your salt supply runs short, it sends warnings to your smart unit, allowing you to buy salt when it’s convenient for you rather than when you’re in a hurry.

With life being so hectic, it’s good to have one less thing to worry about, such as replacing the salt in your water softener.

3. Use your digital calendar to set reminders for yourself at home.

It can be difficult to remember when to check your smoke alarm batteries when to get your gutters washed, or other regular or semi-annual maintenance tasks, just as it can be difficult to remember when to check your water softener’s salt amount.

Make the most of your digital calendar by scheduling all of these activities to occur on a regular basis so you don’t worry about them. It will provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that you are up to date on all critical protection and maintenance activities.

4. Becoming familiar with programmable functions.

You’ll enjoy the advantages of smart thermostats, programmable lighting, and surveillance systems after you’ve learned how to use them.

Programming the thermostat to maintain a consistent temperature in your home—lowering it at night and when you’re gone—saves money and electricity, benefiting both your pocket and the climate. You’ll avoid family squabbles over changing the heat or air conditioning up and down if you “set it and forget it.”

You’ll have even more peace of mind if you can configure your lighting and security device to better secure your home while you’re not there.

5. Make the switch to a smart appliance.

Take a look at the latest smart device trends the next time you need a new appliance. The new connected appliances can have you relying on software to make every part of your life easier. From laundry, you can track on your phone when you’re away from home to ovens. You can preheat from anywhere to refrigerators that can change temperatures from your phone or even hold inventory for you.

Embracing technology can be beneficial to your everyday life, especially if you learn to use the home maintenance resources that are most beneficial to you.

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