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Telegram Add New Features

As a part of a recent update, Telegram now has a number of new features. Payments 2.0, updated online versions of the messenger software, planned Voice Chats, and more. They are among the new updates, according to a press release. To begin with, the WhatsApp competitor has acquired the latest Payments 2.0 update. Which will enable users to pay with their credit card in personal conversations, communities, or channels on the app. According to the press release, this can be achieved in 200 countries, including India, using third-party software.

Buyers can do this by developing bots that sell products and services to customers, who can also tip the buyers. Telegram also says that it does not charge a fee or store users’ payment details. Implying that purchases made via the app are safe.

Following that, there are new features for Telegram Voice Chats 2.0, which was just released. Telegram channels and groups also enable users to arrange voice chats for a certain time and date. This will give chat participants enough time to alert their friends and, as the company puts it, “get the popcorn ready.”

Users will get voice chat alerts so they don’t skip any of the messages. Telegram has now added mini-profiles for voice chats, allowing users to alter or display profile pictures and bios without having to leave an audio conversation.

Telegram’s latest browser versions – Web K and Web Z – have just been released and include features including dark mode, animated stickers, chat directories, and more.

For added functionality, Telegram users can now pinch-to-zoom photos directly from a chat. These new Telegram app features are available on both Android and iOS devices.

Users of Android and iOS can easily quickly forward and rewind images. Users on Android devices will quickly forward by double-tapping the right side of the screen and rewind by double-tapping the left side. To fast forward or rewind on iOS, press and hold the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons.

Finally, for a better experience, Android users can now access animations when opening the side menu or returning to the chat list.

Telegram’s latest update is now available for iOS users and will soon be available for Android users as well. However, once you download the Android version from, you’ll have immediate access to all of the latest updates.

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