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Desert Safari in Dubai

Craving for a thrill? What about visiting Desert Safari? A desert sounds good for photography purposes, but is it the right place to indulge in real action? Well, Yes. Get ready to unlock some of the unshakeable thrills and expeditions of the stupefying land of manmade wonders lining natural bounties. Dubai is known for its boundless innovation in architecture as well as God-gifted resources. One of those gifted assets is the Desert Safari Dubai that attracts people from all over the world to showcase its distinctive harmony. Here, you can feel the bliss of living the best of your days in Arabian sand.

Along with all other perks of endless entertainment and zest, Desert Safari Dubai keeps an abundance of enthralling means presenting its visitors an unforgettable delight of wonder. Let’s take you straight to those striking adventures you can get to experience here beautifying the southern UAE.

Desert Safari Dubai – Some Amazing Insights

1.  Quad Biking –a kick in the Arabian Sand

Used to fantasize stuntmen in action movies? Stop daydreaming and live the spark of a stimulating quad biking experience on a golden land. Quad bike is the vehicle for fierce fellows who love being high. This asset of Dubai as Safari offers a great ground to set a streamlined pace of the quad bike. These Super speedy vehicles can be driven under an expert’s supervision after a set of instructions. Quad bikes are designed to firmly launch wide tires and light bodies in the sand, complementing the elegance of classic deserted land. Leave your marks over the unparalleled layers of sand with a super dauntless drive.

2.  Glide Two Feet Up, You’re On a Sandboard!

How to celebrate the fact that you made it to the desert? By sandboarding! The Arabian dunes are the ground for several exciting sports that attract visitors from all over the world. Grab the sandboard and surf up and down crossing crooked sandy bumps. The sandboards are made for speed surfing in a balanced way over a quaky plain. Hundreds of tourists along with kids and youngsters eagerly hover on a sandboard, making their paths in the Arabian sand. Imagine yourself surfing in the vicinities of Hajar Mountains valiantly with zero fear of falling, after all its sand! Experience a flush of excitement wide armed while hovering smoothly as if the desert has taken you up in the air.

3.  Biking in Sand Like Roadies

Eager for cycling? But wondering how come you’d do it in a desert? Well, Dubai keeps plenty of solutions! Desert Safari Dubai allows you to satisfy your love for cycling by allowing a fat bike ride. A fat bike is a bicycle structured with fat tires to support a smooth drive in sand, and are navigated by experts so that you are unstoppable even in the scorch of the sun. Fat bikes are terrain mountain vehicles and were introduced in Dubai, Safari to discover the farthest limits of it freely. The non-bikers can have fun on its turbo mode whereas cyclists can rush hitting the power-off button. Biking over the dunes and showing off a striking delivery on fat bikes is utterly super energizing fun.

4.  Bashing in a Dune Buggy

Enjoy the hell of a bumpy ride in a 4×4 dune buggy. Allowing five people in total number, a dune buggy is an open vehicle that descends over the desert. Dune bashing is a popular desert sport and an enthralling experience. When the tires of a dune buggy twist and turn to throw mini sandstorms, that’s the right chance to stop and click the most exclusive moment with a pounding heart and brisk breath.

Hit the Arabian sand sea with heightened adrenaline and surf among the highs and lows of red dunes. Dune buggy drops you at the camp where a lot more adventures are awaiting. Take your squad, set a steady pace, and have a vigorous ride that will remain in your mind for the longest while!

5.  Dune Bashing in Hummer/ Toyota Land Cruiser

Tried dune buggy? Now take a seat in the hummer or land cruiser to make dune bashing the most stunning experience with your people. Dubai has Safari’s most picked vehicle by tourists and locals. Hummer is also a 4×4 vehicle with a slight difference from buggy or jeep which is open-air. A hummer dancing over the flux of a deserted land spreading golden dust in the air is the iconic scene we imagine whenever we think of dune bashing. Imagine yourself being unstoppable in a land with no limits and go for bashing in a hummer.

6.  A Supreme Flight in Hot Air Balloons

Mostly available in a morning Dubai Safari tour, the hot air balloon ride makes it possible to view the magnificent desert from a bird’s eye at the height of 4000 feet. The hot air balloons are operated by the experts allowing you to float in the air with open arms accepting a pleasant moment that comes rarely in a lifetime. Spot the trails of life from above the Safari desert, Observe the sloppy Arabian dunes, and active wildlife such as camels, gazelles, and Oryx, and find yourself taking full-fledged pleasure of living a nomadic experience triumphantly. The most mesmerizing part is watching the sunrise while gliding in the air. Rise along with the sun and embrace every bliss of nature you are subjected to. Watch the wide landscape covered in golden hues getting brightened with the rising sun.

7.  Earn Stories to Tell

From being high in hot air balloons to crashing in a buzz in a dune buggy or quad bike, Desert Safari Dubai offers limitless fun from sunrise to starry nights. The best part is all these enthralling activities of highly efficient vehicles take place under a defined set of instructions of guides. So thrill-seekers, it’s to let your excitement multiply ten folds because Desert Safari Dubai keeps a fascinating collection of what your inner adrenaline junky craves for. Whenever you visit Dubai, never leave without exploring the ventures and grandeur of Desert Safari which are the exact reasons why this place is endeared by many.

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