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Make your brand presence to your target audience with DMAI’s SMS marketing services. We use the best text message marketing tools to fast message delivery and reliable tracking of your SMS marketing campaign performance. Sending personalized messages to the right audience will enhance your personal connection and strong brand loyalty with your customers.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS stands for short message services. SMS marketing is a simple text messaging service used to promote your brand in individual person’s mind. And SMS marketing is used for promotion, announcement, and other kinds of messages to target the right audiences with their permission-based.

Every business must obtain permission from customers via contest entries to conduct SMS marketing campaigns. Without this consent, using this formality of texting promotional messages is an invasion of privacy and is against the law.

How Does Text SMS Marketing Work?
Many small businesses and organizations use the best SMS marketing services for various reasons. Most importantly, no need to depend on the internet in the world of the internet. Thus, SMS marketing plays a crucial role in omnichannel marketing.
Omnichannel marketing is a practice of using online marketing and offline marketing channel to engage with your target audience and convert them to the bottom of the funnel.
Generally, SMS marketing is used to communicate deals & discounts, offers, and updates and alerts people who have likely to be convinced to receive an SMS marketing campaign related to your brand or products.

Key Steps To SMS Marketing Success

Want to execute an SMS marketing campaign for your brand? Here are some basic steps to a smooth start.

1. Find the best SMS marketing service provider
Different SMS marketing services platforms and vendors are available in the market today. But you need to find the best service provider that allows you to smooth start and easily connect with your prospects.
We at DMAI provide the best SMS marketing services to ensure successful SMS marketing campaign delivery. We offer competitive features and pricing plans that everyone can afford.

2. Apply For Legal Formalities
Before starting the SMS campaign you need to apply for DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) registration and confirm your sender id. A sender id is a short name that addresses your brand name and people can easily recognize you with your sender id.

3. Manage your SMS Consent Opt-Ins
Being ensure to have a recipient's permission to send an automated message is a very important thing before launching an SMS campaign. Make sure that all contacts with unconfirmed permission statuses are removed from the database.
To ensure we comply with government regulations, our marketing specialists will ask for your opted-in list during the contact with prospects. And we at digital marketing consultant will confirm the contact list who have explicitly opted-in to receive promotional SMS from our clients before launching any SMS campaign

4. Broadcast Your Message And Track Result
An SMS marketing company uses preapproved templates that contain personalization tags to streamline the whole process. And that personalized tags are automatically inserted into the receivers while broadcasting messages. A personalized tag such as first name, last name, a sign of respect like Mr/Ms/Mrs, etc. You can use this technique for bulk SMS marketing campaigns to make each message unique and personalized.
SMS it’s self-called Short Message Services, which means SMS marketing campaigns are limited with a maximum limit of 160 characters. So be careful your message character is short and be creative to cover your whole message in 160 characters. You may also include a link to your SMS for further


Once you have launched your SMS campaign, you need to track your performance to analyze where you are performing well and where you need to improve.

Start Your SMS Marketing Campaign With DMAI.

Features and Benefits of DMAI - Digital Marketing Agency in India:

✓ We cover all networks in India

✓ We typically use Microsoft Excel SMS Plugins to send SMS

✓ We provide Dynamic Sender ID and SMS Delivery reports to clients

✓ We offer SMTP, XML, COM Object, SMPP, HTTP APIs to enable easy integration

✓ A team of dedicated customer support specialists to assist you with any issues

✓ We deliver SMS to over 200 countries and 550 networks all over the world

✓ We deliver Bulk SMS on behalf of our clients and share SMS status reports

Why Choose DMAI agency for Bulk SMS Marketing?

At DMAI AGENCY, we're proud to deliver a mobile marketing and SMS advertising service that our customers can simply rely on. Our online bulk SMS marketing software has been created to make sending bulk SMS messages as simple as possible

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