Terms and condition

Privacy Statement

Please read the following information carefully before proceeding. By accepting the below, you are consenting to the privacy terms outlined in this Privacy Statement:

If you use DMAI's online resources, DMAI collects personal data that you submit to the website and will use it for contacting you for the mentioned/highlighted purpose. DMAI may also use Cookies and other tracking technology, including those used for marketing purposes such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Databases, Targeted E-mail, and Combining and Analyzing Personal Data. These technologies are used to provide you with a personalized online experience, send relevant information about offers and opportunities at DMAI, and analyze the effectiveness of its online resources. More information about how your data will be used by DMAI can be found below.

Introduction / Entity Collecting Personal Data: When you submit an inquiry on the DMAI website, DMAI will gather and utilize personal data pertaining to you in order to contact you for the specific purpose you have requested. As outlined in this Privacy Statement, DMAI may retain and employ your personal data to deliver the requested services to you.

Types of Personal Data Collected by DMAI: DMAI will gather and securely store the information you provide on the website. Your submission of personal data serves as your consent for DMAI to utilize your data and confirms the accuracy of the information provided.

By submitting your information, you acknowledge that you have read and comprehended the above statements, and you give your consent for the usage of your information as stated. While it is not mandatory to provide all requested information to DMAI, failure to do so may impede the efficient handling of your inquiries.

By submitting your information, you affirm that all statements made by you are truthful and accurate, and you have not intentionally omitted any pertinent adverse information.

"What actions will DMAI take with your personal data?
DMAI will utilize your personal data in the following ways:

1. To contact you regarding the specific purpose you have requested.
2. To provide you with the requested services and enhance your overall experience.
3. To gain a better understanding of your preferences and deliver relevant offers.

DMAI will implement measures to safeguard and secure your information while respecting your data protection rights and striving to give you control over your own data.

Who will be granted access to your personal data? Where are they located? In general, DMAI will limit access to your personal data within its organization, ensuring that only individuals who require it to evaluate and address your inquiries have access, or as required by applicable laws.

If your personal data is transferred to a country other than your country of residence, please note that these countries may not provide the same level of legal protection for personal data as your home country. Nevertheless, DMAI will adhere to its Data Privacy policy in such cases.

The following categories of individuals may have access to your personal data:

1. Individuals responsible for administrative and IT support functions.

2. Individuals within DMAI who are involved in addressing queries or providing the requested services.

3. Authorized personnel of DMAI's service providers, including: a. Government officials in compliance with legal reporting obligations.
b. Law enforcement agencies or private litigants in response to valid law enforcement processes (such as warrants, subpoenas, or court orders).
c. A successor to DMAI in the event of a sale or divestiture of all or part of its business.

How long will DMAI retain your personal data?
DMAI will retain and utilize the personal data collected in order to contact you and resolve your queries based on the purpose you have specified.

Additionally, DMAI may retain your information for future use, system administration, research, and analysis, and inform you about relevant offers from DMAI.

DMAI has established a data retention policy that outlines the specific timeframes for retaining personal data collected. These retention periods may vary depending on the applicable national laws in each location."

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